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Yeast infection treatments have been long sought after by those afflicted with the unpleasant side effects of a candida infection. Yeast occurs naturally in the human body. It is harmless until the system becomes unbalanced allowing it to grow too rapidly for the body to control. Yeast can be found in the human body in the rectum, vagina, digestive system as well as the mouth. In excessive amounts, yeast can cause itching and a burning sensation - especially in the genital areas of a man (from a penile yeast infection) and a woman (from a vaginal yeast infection. This article will review some effective yeast fungal infection treatments.

Tea Tree Oil Yeast Infection Treatments
Tea tree oil can be purchased in the US at natural health food store can be a helpful remedy for a vaginal candida fungus outbreak. The way to apply tea tree oil is to coat the top half of a tampon (non-applicator type) with a lubricant such as KY Jelly or olive oil) and apply a few drops of the tea tree oil. Then, insert the lubricated tampon just into the opening of the vaginal cavity (don't put it in all the way). Be mindful that you might feel a stinging sensation initially, but it should provide some much needed relief.

Yogurt For Yeast Infection Treatments
The active cultures in yogurt work as natural probiotics which kill excess yeast in the body. It is effective for both male and female fungal yeast outbreaks. Not only should someone with a yeast outbreak eat yogurt (all natural, plain kind) every day, but using yogurt as a topical application to the rashy areas can also provide some relief for frequent or recurring yeast infections.

Diet Changes For Yeast Infection Treatments
The biggest diet change you can make to combat the candida fungus is to eliminate sugar from your diet. This is because yeast and sugar area a bad combination in the human body. When yeast and sugar co-exist in the body, the yeast multiplies, divides and thrives. It is a very common side-effect for a diabetic to have chronic yeast infections. However one doesn't need to be a diabetic to watch sugar. There are many non-diabetics which struggle with excessive yeast. It is a good idea, however for someone who experiences frequent occurrences of a candida infection to see a doctor to have his or her blood sugar levels checked for blood sugar-related illnesses.

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Yeast Infection Treatments

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