Yeast Infection Treatments

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Yeast Infection Treatments

Yeast is everywhere on our bodies, though particularly in our mouths, abdomen, arm pits, nail beds and parts of our body with skin folds. Whilst yeast in itself isn t a problem, in fact it is a natural and normal substance, if it reaches more than the normal levels, a yeast infection arises.

So, what can cause a natural amount of yeast to develop into a yeast infection Well, there a number of common factors that can contribute...

Contraceptive use


Certain medications and antibiotics

Over consumption of sugar

Pregnancy Cigarette smoke


Food allergies


A yeast infection, or candidiasis to give it its scientific name, is a problem that many people experience. A relatively harmless looking red rash is the first sign that you have one, but this will likely soon be accompanied by itching and pain.

Though they can initially be little more than unsightly and unpleasant, the symptoms can be become more serious unless the yeast infection is dealt with. Left untreated, one can also, particularly if the affected area is the abdomen, lead to...

Problems with memory and concentration

Congestion of the sinuses



Mood swings

The first step in treating a yeast infection is usually to obtain an over the counter medication, that is applied directly to the skin surface. These medications come with full instructions, and are simple enough to use. Sticking strictly to the directions that come with them is essential to seeing success with them, so be sure to apply the right amount and not to miss out applying them on some days consistency is key.

If you do suffer from Candida overgrowth, and find that standard over the counter remedies are not very effective, there are other alternative remedies for treatment yeast infection available.

You can find out about these natural, alternative remedies by undertaking some online research as there are many great resources to be found on the internet. You can also ask for guidance from an employee at your local health store. They should be able to show you a range of products that are known to help cure yeast infections.

If you find that over the counter medications and natural remedies fail to address the problem, then seek medical advice. Yeast infections can be a serious problem, so don t hold back from seeking advice from your doctor on the basis that you think it is too minor an issue with which to bother them. They will have dealt with many patients with yeast infections in the past and, as such, will have the knowledge to help you rid yourself of your yeast infection quickly.

As a final point, though curing the symptoms of your yeast infection is your main concern right now, don t neglect to consider the reasons for it arising in the first place. If you focus only on finding a cure, then it is likely that the infection will continue to come back again and again.

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Yeast Infection Treatments

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This article was published on 2010/03/26