Reliable Oral Yeast Infection Treatment For Thrush

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Yeast fungi are found everywhere in the environment, the most prevalent being the Candida yeast fungus. Candida is normally found in normal amounts in the vaginal and intestinal areas of the body. Sometimes they will multiply and cause infections in areas of the body that are warm and damp, such as in the mouth. This is called thrush. Thrush appears as a whitish colored film on the tongue and cheeks and has noticeable raised lesions. These are painful, especially if irritated by the act of brushing the teeth. More commonly, the lesions may bleed. Some people have thrush that spreads to the esophagus, causing them to have trouble swallowing and breathing. An oral yeast infection treatment should be prescribed by a doctor to prevent infection spreading further than the esophagus.

The oral yeast infection treatment for thrush in adults is something as simple as eating yogurt which restores the healthy flora of the mouth. In children, treatment may not be necessary as thrush usually clears up easily for children in good health, although plain yogurt may be recommended. Yogurt is also soothing to the mouth, tongue and throat areas.

In some cases, an adult may have a compromised immune system. This warrants the assistance of a physician who will prescribe an anti-fungal in the form of lozenges, a liquid, or capsules. In babies who are nursing, the mother and child need to be prescribed an oral yeast infection treatment that will treat both of them. The mother may be prescribed an anti-fungal cream for her breasts and the baby may be prescribed a mild, dose appropriate liquid.

Certain antibiotics may weaken the immune system creating a perfect breeding ground for thrush. Other medications responsible are oral contraceptives, cortisone, and corticosteroid treatments. Those with illnesses which compromise the immune system such as diabetes, HIV, autoimmune disorders, cancer, and recent surgery need an oral yeast infection treatment to be started immediately, because in these people, thrush may turn dangerous and affect the liver, lungs and skin.

In otherwise healthy adults, an oral yeast infection treatment may also work by taking acidophilus on a regular basis. Acidophilus also restores the necessary flora and may serve as an effective fungus preventative.

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Reliable Oral Yeast Infection Treatment For Thrush

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This article was published on 2010/03/27