Candida Infection Symptoms: Signs That You Have An Overgrowth Of Yeast

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Many women are interested to know the symptoms of Candida, mostly because they suspect that they have it. Vaginal yeast infection, or an overgrowth of yeast in the body, after all, is a common problem in women. If you wish to find out what the common Candida infection symptoms are, you're in luck as they are discussed in this article:

Frequent Feelings Of Fatigue

One of the signs of yeast over growth is frequently feeling so tired or fatigued. True, working can be tiring, but, extreme tiredness, otherwise known as 'fatigue', is not really normal, unless your job is to carry really heavy sacks of cement, or to carry cement blocks everyday. Part of the list of symptoms of Candida that also falls under 'fatigue' is lack of focus or concentration. This is also known as Brain Fog. You may not think this to be a sign of vaginal yeast infection, but it actually is. An overgrowth of yeast in your body can also make you feel tired even if you've just woken up.

Vaginal Discharge That Come Out Often

True, it is normal for women to have discharge coming from the vagina, but, having that often is considered as one of the Candida infection symptoms, most especially if the discharge is thick (can be likened to cottage cheese), and have a starchy smell. In some women, part of the symptoms of Candida is a whitish, or yellowish discharge, accompanied by burning sensations in the vagina. These discharges can also come with itchiness, which is also a common vaginal yeast infection sign.

Issues In Your Digestive System

The overgrowth of yeast in a woman's body can also lead to various digestive problems such as bloating, pain in the abdominal area, constipation, weird bowel movements, and so on. In fact, many health experts agree that almost all digestive issues can be partly caused by a large number of Candida Albicans living in the body.

Pain During Or After Sex

Part of the list of Candida infection symptoms is this: pain while having sex, or after the sexual act. For sure, many women who experience this will be really irritated, not to mention their partners will also be affected (in terms of irritation, frustration, etc). Sexual pain, whether after, or during the act, is not always a result of vaginal dryness - there are times wherein it is brought about by vaginal yeast infection.

Developing Allergies From Various Things

Included in the list of common symptoms of Candida is developing allergies. A person with an overgrowth of yeast suddenly becomes extra sensitive and develops allergies to certain foods, the environment, and so on. If you walk along the perfumery section of the mall, and then, you suddenly notice a congestion in your nose, some tingles in your throat, and the likes, you may actually be infected with Candida.

Whether you are experiencing mild or chronic Candida infection symptoms, it is best that you take a yeast-infection test, or have a physician examine you and run some tests so you can treat your infection (if any) early.
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Candida Infection Symptoms: Signs That You Have An Overgrowth Of Yeast

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This article was published on 2010/11/05